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I’m a big fan of forks – common or garden – but preferably those that help me grow and eat homegrown food. I’ve been writing about food and drink, grow-your-own, gardening and the environment for more than 20 years. I thought it was time to gather together some of my tastiest bits. I’d love you to dig in…

Alice Whitehead 

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Fishing in troubled waters

I dive into Scotland’s ancient salmon net fishing industry and uncover the bubbling feud between the fishermen of the rivers and those of the coast

Chimes are a changing: the story of Britain’s ice-cream vans

I explore how the once-familiar sight and sound of the ice-cream van has changed since its heyday

Cultivating the Cut

I meet the men and women whose gardening ardour hasn’t been dampened since they set sail on Britain’s waterways

Is it time to bee kind?

Bees play a crucial role in our gardens – and in our lives. Discover how you can help them buzz better this winter and spring…

How to grow and eat edible flowers

I discover that my spring flower garden isn’t just good looking – but good eating too!

Skinny Sips

I ldiscover how the London bar scene is welcoming the advent of ‘demure drinking’ with slim shots replacing stiff drinks

Noble rot – a step-by-step guide to composting

It’s the perfect time to start making your own compost so muck in with our step-by-step guide to magical mulch

A growing work of art

A group of Edinburgh allotmenteers are making quite an exhibition of themselves in their bid to grow their own in Scotland’s capital city

Growing up: a history of allotments

I delve into our vegetable patches and allotment plots to discover just how the grow your own movement took root

Learn more about my novel…

I love my allotment shed. It’s my hideout, my retreat, my storecupboard and potting shed. It’s the first place I want to be when I get up in the morning and the last place I’ll leave as the sun dips behind the allotment horizon. Over the last two years, it’s also been the place I’ve penned my first fiction novel. Click on the shed to find out more…

Love words, but not gardening?

When I’m not writing about gardening, I’m nurturing full-flavoured content and managing traditional and digital media projects – including social media – for all kinds of businesses over at Wonderland Freelance…

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