Here’s my five garden tasks that can boost wellbeing…

1. Dig 

Repetitive, rhythmical garden jobs such as lawn edging or digging might seem monotonous but they can also be mindful. Psychotherapists suggest these tasks can help us get into a ‘flow state’. This is when we don’t notice time passing and focus on the now – without worrying about the past or future. Plus there’s a great sense of achievement at the end.

2. Compost

Playing in the dirt is good for your soul (and your soil!) There’s nothing better than seeing the beauty that can arise from garden waste, and composting.  And whether it’s a worm bin on the counter top or a hot bin in the garden, you can see that with patience and time a lot can be achieved. A study from the University of Bristol has hypothesized the ‘friendly’ bacteria in soil might also improve our mood by stimulating happy hormones. 

3. Sow 

Planting a seed and watching it grow gives us hope. You don’t need anything more than a pot and a seed (you could even try growing a seedling in an old tea-bag)! 

4. Be cool 

Plant up your beds, boxes and planters with blue, purple and green flowers and plants and these will help relax the nervous system. Limit bright colours to no more than 20 per cent of the overall look for the most calming effect.

5. Sit

Yes, really! Sitting and admiring your garden or allotment plot can be harder than your think. Especially when you have lots of weeding to do. But taking a break (and preferably a cuppa) and appreciating the scents, smells and sounds of your green space can do wonders for your mind and body.

Like this? How about making a garden rainbow!