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Since I was knee-high to a grasshopper, I’ve loved nature and felt strongly about protecting the planet. 

When I’m not being Allotment Alice, I’m known locally as the ‘tree lady’! In 2016, I set up Save Our Street Trees – a campaign to preserve, protect and secure the planting of new and replacement urban trees in Northampton.

Over many years, I had become increasingly concerned by the poor maintenance of street trees in the town and their rapid disappearance. My campaign aims to raise awareness of the multitude of benefits street trees bring to the urban communities they grow in, and promote, protect and plant more.

In 2019, the campaign was successful in securing a pilot planting scheme, which saw 10 new trees sited in Far Cotton, Northampton. I hope there will be many more plantings!

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Street trees need your support. Find out more about the campaign – or if you live in Northampton, consider becoming a Save Our Street Trees’ Tree Warden.

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Peat free April

I’m a big believer in gardening that’s good for you – and the planet. I never use pesticides or herbicides, I try to minimise what I buy in, I garden for wildlife not against it, and I have spent more than a decade using peat-free compost. 

In fact, I’m one of a group of journalists that are campaigning for gardeners and the gardening industry to make the peat-free pledge and ditch the peat.