Why should I write for you?

I’m an experienced journalist, who has spent 22 years writing for print and online media about food and drink, gardening, grow your own and the environment. As a trained journalist, I understand the need for great first paragraphs, the importance of style guides… and, of course, sticking to a deadline.

I know my specialist subjects inside out – in fact you could say I grow and eat them! I won’t need my hand holding through feature writing or project work. I have a great bank of contacts and bags of ideas.

I don’t just write for magazines, I also work for businesses, organisations and marketing firms in the fields of food and drink, gardening, grow your own and the environment. I am skilled at website copy and social media management, as well as enticing words for brochures, branding and books. 


How the seed was sown

The day my parents showed me how to sow my first veg, the week I opened the doors to my new greenhouse, the month I took possession of the keys to my first allotment plot… these dates will always be etched in my mind. The next best thing is of course talking and writing about it! 

I’ve spent 22 years dishing up tasty gardening content for magazines and websites. My specalisms include food and drink, grow your own and the environment. I was Gardening Editor for Vegetarian Living for 11 years and continue to provide gardening content for a multitude of magazines including Breathe and Candide Gardening. You can find my vlogs and blogs on Garden Tags. And every week, I share my gyo triumphs, trials and tips via BBC Radio Northampton. I am a member of the Garden Media Guild.

 I also provide gardening companies with social media management and copywriting.

I love a good compote, but I couldn’t live without compost. I still haven’t decided whether I prefer the pen or the spade…

What people say about my work…

Everything is beautifully written

“Alice is a delight to work with both personally and professionally. She’s completely reliable and always submits by the deadline. Everything is accurate, beautifully written and never needs editing. Her feature ideas are creative and original, and she’s always friendly and supportive of the magazine and the team. What more could a busy editor ask for?”

– Lindsey Harrad, editor, Vegetarian Living

Amazing & valuable content

“I would definitely recommend Alice. She was fantastic supporting me; creating amazing, valuable content and always keeping me updated. Plus, she is just super lovely!” 

– Annabelle Padwick, founder, Life at No 27 

Alice makes gardening accessible

“Alice’s content contribution to GardenTags has been truly exceptional. Her video ‘How to’ guides break down often complex tasks into easy to follow steps that make gardening accessible for all. Alice is a joy to work with and I’d wholeheartedly recommend her.”

– Daniel Richards, founder, Garden Tags

Full of original ideas

“Alice has written a number of features for In The Moment magazine and her copy is always well-written, well-researched, to style and delivered on deadline. She’s also full of original ideas!”

– Kirstie Duhig, editor, In the Moment

Delivers excatly what's needed

“Alice shows adept skill at crafting copy to a tight brief and delivering exactly what’s needed and most importantly on time!”

– Catherine Westwood, editorial director, Time Inc

Writing that is gold standard

“Alice is a consummate professional who not only fulfils a brief perfectly but often supplies added value I wouldn’t have expected. Her writing is gold standard.”

– Carrie Mitchell, former assistant editor, Essentials magazine

Nothing is too much trouble

“I’ve been working with Alice for about a year. Nothing is too much trouble, and everything is highly professional. Alice is an absolute delight, and has become a friend over the time we’ve worked together. She comes thoroughly recommended!”

– Helen Blaby, BBC Radio Northampton

You can find me

I was privileged to be gardening editor for Vegetarian Living magazine for almost 11 years, providing three pages of content about grow your own – with an environmental spin. I continue to write for titles such as Organic Way, Natural Health, Imbibe, Square MealKitchen Garden, Breathe, Flora, lovefood.com.

You can find me

Every week I share my grow-your-own triumphs, trials and tips via my gardening diary for BBC Radio Northampton – often on location from my allotment!

You can find me

and blogging about gardening and grow your own via the Garden Tags app and Candide Gardening

What I can offer

I’m a trained journalist, writer and editor who loves to grow food, eat it and write about it. I can provide sparkling (and skilled) garden content for print, online and radio. Plus, wheelbarrows of copywriting and social media management for horticultural businesses.

My writing portfolio…

A growing work of art

A group of Edinburgh allotmenteers are making quite an exhibition of themselves in their bid to grow their own in Scotland’s capital city

Chimes are a changing: the story of Britain’s ice-cream vans

I explore how the once-familiar sight and sound of the ice-cream van has changed since its heyday

Cultivating the Cut

I meet the men and women whose gardening ardour hasn’t been dampened since they set sail on Britain’s waterways

Fishing in troubled waters

I dive into Scotland’s ancient salmon net fishing industry and uncover the bubbling feud between the fishermen of the rivers and those of the coast

Growing up: a history of allotments

I delve into our vegetable patches and allotment plots to discover just how the grow your own movement took root

How to grow and eat edible flowers

I discover that my spring flower garden isn’t just good looking – but good eating too!

Is it time to bee kind?

Bees play a crucial role in our gardens – and in our lives. Discover how you can help them buzz better this winter and spring…

Noble rot – a step-by-step guide to composting

It’s the perfect time to start making your own compost so muck in with our step-by-step guide to magical mulch

Skinny Sips

I ldiscover how the London bar scene is welcoming the advent of ‘demure drinking’ with slim shots replacing stiff drinks

Love words, but not gardening?

When I’m not writing about gardening, I’m nurturing full-flavoured content and managing traditional and digital media projects – including social media – for all kinds of businesses over at Wonderland Freelance…

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