Create a gutter garden

Not content with growing along the ground, I’ve been utilising my shed walls! This gutter garden was easy to make and is the perfect place to nurture shallow rooted edibles and flowers. Want to make your own?

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Allotment alice mulching

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Why I love gardening

My family history can be plotted by its potting sheds. My dad had a garden and an allotment, and his father before him, so I guess you could say gardening is in the genes. Or, at the very least, firmly embedded into the soil of our welly boots. Here’s me (above), carrying runner beans  when I was a toddler!

Over 30 years, I’ve nurtured houseplants in a gloomy stairwell in Scotland, created tiny front garden veg patches, helped run a school garden club, and in 2007 found my roots at a sprawling urban allotment plot in Northampton. Now I’m lucky enough to have two.

Gardening has helped me discover a deep-rooted love for the natural world and homegrown food. It’s encouraged me to eat better, stay fit (in mind and body) – and, of course, get muddy.

Five 15-minute pallet projects

Got some old pallets lying around? I have some perfect, no-fuss upcycling pallet ideas for the garden and allotment

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Three gorgeous apple and pear recipes

I share some apple and pear recipes for making the most of your harvest

Four steps to gardening organically

Here’s four small steps to speed you on your organic gardening journey this Organic September…

Why gardening makes you feel happier

Gardening is good for you – I meet the people who believe it should be on prescription

Five feel-good garden activities

Five gardening activities that can improve mood and boost wellbeing

10 ways to bust a garden glut

A feast of ways to used up the garden vegetable glut